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「肉らしい豆な嫁」という名のベジミートVegan meat named"My hateful diligent daughter-in-law"




Lately I often eat a vegan meat named"Niku rashii mame na yome"(literally means "My hateful dilegent daughter-in-law" It's a wordplay. see below).

The taste and texure is exactly chunky macho yuba (soy curd).

It's aound 4dollars. I Love yuba, so I like it.

ナカダイ 肉らしい豆な嫁 150g

ナカダイ 肉らしい豆な嫁 150g


Niku(肉) means meat

NIkurashii (憎らしい)means hateful

Mame (マメ) means diligent, or beans



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