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Addams Family2 (アダムスファミリー2)のThanksgivingのシーンの劇中歌の歌詞

Addams Family2 (アダムスファミリー2)のThanksgivingのシーンの劇中歌の歌詞です。



"Eat us! 

Hey, it's Thanksgiving day 

Eat us! 

We make a nice buffet 

We lost the race with Farmer Ed 

Eat us, 'cause we're good and dead 


White man or red man 

From East, North, or South 

Chop off our legs 

And put 'em in your mouth 


Eat me! 

Sauteed or barbecued 

Eat me! 

We once were pets, but now we're food 

We won't stay fresh for very long 

So eat us before we finish this song 

Eat us before we finish this song!" 



アダムス・ファミリー2 (字幕版)