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Giraffe boy loves Zebra girl so much (Kushiro zoo, Japan)

Someone took a movie of them,

Sky, 4 y.o. male Giraffe &

Konatsu, 10y.o. female Zebra 

April 29,2017 at Kushiro zoo,Japan


Reticulated giraffe

Grant's zebra




#giraffe 💛🖤#zebra (that fence) #japan I asked zoo keeper "Is that fence necessary for them? It seems they love each other!" And the keeper answered me like "Well, we discussed about it once before but some staff said it's kind of dangerous if zebra kicks and injure giraffe, so..." 😗I don't think so. #MoveThatFence ! #🌈 #🗽#zoo ラブラブなキリンのスカイ君とシマウマの小夏ちゃん。一緒の柵に入れてあげればいいのに。草食同士だし。だめ?😗🙏

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